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FHIR › FM › #192 2 weeks ago
FM-263: Exclude the javassist included in thymeleaf library dependency because it is provided by core (#205)
98 passed
TRAN › TRAN › #622 1 year ago
BUG: Fixed global property loading problem using ajax (#47)
Testless build
UICM › UICOMMONS › #841 1 year ago
BUG: Fixed global property loading problem using ajax (#47)
Testless build
SDK › SDK › #269 1 year ago
SDK-226: Remove help for create-module/create-platform-module goals.
The goals create-module/create-plaftform-module have been replaced by create-project. The help section is changed to reflect these changes.
Testless build
RESTWS › RESTWS › #651 2 years ago
RESTWS-621: Returning HTTP 404 for non existence clobdata UUID
1337 passed
META › META › #216 3 years ago
META-356: Changed the tags to correct expected tags
181 passed
RESTWS › RESTWS › #555 3 years ago
RESTWS-564: Created a setValue Property Setter to make it do the right thing for Attributables
1219 passed
HFE19E › HFE19E › #322 3 years ago
HTML-384: UI fix to make provider autocomplete widget display names when scrolling through choices
21 passed
RESTWS › RESTWS › #457 4 years ago
RESTWS-529: Fixed incorrect behaviour when submitting uuid for coded boolean values in obs resource
1106 passed
RESTWS › RESTWS › #454 4 years ago
RESTWS-523: Added a formresource subresource to form resource and controllers to handle retrieving/deleting/uploading clob datatypes
1104 passed
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RESTWS › RESTWS › #414 4 years ago
RESTWS-443: Added EncounterRoleResource1_9, EncounterProviderResource1_9 and associated tests. Added support for multiple provider per encounter to EncounterResource1_9.
Added tests to EncounterRoleController1_9Test class
1 of 947 failed
TRUNK › ONEPOINTTENX › #326 5 years ago
TRUNK-4389: Added DRUG_ORDER_TYPE_UUID & TEST_ORDER_TYPE_UUID constants to OrderType class, Added unit test method saveOrder_shouldSetOrderTypeOfDrugOrderToDrugOrderIfNotSetAndConceptNotMapped to OrderServiceTest, Added unit tests and code to set order type of drug/test order to drug/test order respectively if not set and concept not mapped in saveOrder() method
5 of 2442 failed
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