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Appointment Scheduling UI Git

  • NehalJain159 <>

    NehalJain159 <> fed710fc77de05e0a40d4950b3c1eaab21e576d0

    RA-1870 : Appointment Scheduling Fields are Misaligned (#25)
    Co-authored-by: Brandon Istenes <>

    • omod/src/main/compass/sass/manageAppoinment.scss (version fed710fc77de05e0a40d4950b3c1eaab21e576d0)
    • omod/src/main/compass/sass/scheduleAppointment.scss (version fed710fc77de05e0a40d4950b3c1eaab21e576d0)
    • omod/src/main/webapp/fragments/scheduleAppointment.gsp (version fed710fc77de05e0a40d4950b3c1eaab21e576d0)