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Daniel Kayiwa Daniel Kayiwa 8ef110c9b2d4a5ba655a902a0445d304daef7195 8ef110c9b2d4a5ba655a902a0445d304daef7195 Merge pull request #1655 from ShekharReddy4/TRUNK-3844
Correct BaseOpenmrsObject equals
ShekharReddy4 <> ShekharReddy4 <> d6fe2be809f2183776f0fdb375bf6568b4876d2c m d6fe2be809f2183776f0fdb375bf6568b4876d2c Correct BaseOpenmrsObject equals
Wyclif Luyima Wyclif Luyima 786cafe6cd3d8ad6514f7a0fd03d7b6bb0677e81 786cafe6cd3d8ad6514f7a0fd03d7b6bb0677e81 Fixed failing unit tests - TRUNK-4805
Wyclif Luyima Wyclif Luyima 77df3a88661c4564329693c1a28e59f02a98c2b7 77df3a88661c4564329693c1a28e59f02a98c2b7 Merge pull request #1657 from vishnuraom/TRUNK-2809
TRUNK-2809 - At least one non-empty description should be required for a concept
nehashrl <nehashrl@INnehashrl.local> nehashrl <nehashrl@INnehashrl.local> 7fc098f38eb636f86270bb7c963bba0f5da22d31 7fc098f38eb636f86270bb7c963bba0f5da22d31 TRUNK-4805 | Retrospective discontinuation of orders.
Follow up to cleanup javadocs  -TRUNK-4805

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