Build plan for the Module Repository Backend

Jira Issues

This page lists the Jira issues that have been linked to builds related to this plan, ordered by last built. This includes issues specified in commit messages, labels or comments for builds, as well as issues manually linked to builds.

Jira Issues (4 issues)
Type Key Summary Status Assignee Fix versions Related Builds Last Built
Bug MOD-89 Modulus sorts module versions incorrectly Closed Darius Jazayeri 1.1 5 related builds Last built: 2 years ago
Sub-task MOD-54 Read dependencies from config.xml Closed Richard Szczerba 2 related builds Last built: 4 years ago
Bug MOD-62 Clicking download updates the last-modified date Closed Unassigned 1 related build Last built: 4 years ago
Bug MOD-79 Ensure full download URL is getting stored on release upload Closed Elliott Williams 1 related build Last built: 4 years ago
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