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  • Rafal Korytkowski

    Rafal Korytkowski 46f10cee304df201a80ee5ef8fba8ff46a0b99d1

    Merge pull request #345 from OpenConceptLab/search_sort_filter_fixes
    Global Search | Sort filters Fixes

  • Sunny Aggarwal.

    Sunny Aggarwal. f640f2a281d6a10cb40deb8284b57a17a50b4c8b

    using better var for resource type

    • ocl_web/templates/ocl_search/search.html (version f640f2a281d6a10cb40deb8284b57a17a50b4c8b)
  • Sunny Aggarwal.

    Sunny Aggarwal. ec03dd72b8280d6401fc6b29cc791707e83c272f

    Global Search | Sort filters Fixes
    * Keeping sort filter in query when switching between resource types
    * Keeping resource type in query when switching between sort filters so that on apply sorting UI should not switch to concepts always

    • ocl_web/templates/ocl_search/search.html (version ec03dd72b8280d6401fc6b29cc791707e83c272f)