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  • Rafal Korytkowski

    Rafal Korytkowski 5cacddf75b7c53a6908e3d7427f8c474f6bb138a

    Merge pull request #344 from OpenConceptLab/user_source_concepts_sort_url_typo_fix
    Fixing typo in construction for user source/collections concepts/mappings list sort url

  • Sunny Aggarwal.

    Sunny Aggarwal. d47299d1947382279344baa0677d8bc79485f32a

    Fixing typo in construction for user collections' concepts/mappings list sort url

    • ocl_web/templates/collections/collection_concepts.html (version d47299d1947382279344baa0677d8bc79485f32a)
    • ocl_web/templates/collections/collection_mappings.html (version d47299d1947382279344baa0677d8bc79485f32a)
  • Sunny Aggarwal.

    Sunny Aggarwal. 0102b6ccf89a0d7ce28d0bbcca6bbe34f6065288

    Fixing typo in construction for user sources' mappings list sort url

    • ocl_web/templates/sources/source_mappings.html (version 0102b6ccf89a0d7ce28d0bbcca6bbe34f6065288)
  • Sunny Aggarwal.

    Sunny Aggarwal. b1bcaa863d31a45bbbab8f569a0ec32d8f59a0f8

    Fixing typo in construction for user sources' concepts list sort url

    • ocl_web/templates/sources/source_concepts.html (version b1bcaa863d31a45bbbab8f569a0ec32d8f59a0f8)