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d0040e98daf947279a738c17a5f8da8ea768927f d0040e98daf947279a738c17a5f8da8ea768927f
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6fcc43c571d76e12b124995783052d30327a887c 6fcc43c571d76e12b124995783052d30327a887c
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Code commits
Author Commit Message Commit date
Brian Njenga <> Brian Njenga <> 6fcc43c571d76e12b124995783052d30327a887c 6fcc43c571d76e12b124995783052d30327a887c RESTWS-698 Add bahmni program enrollment changes (#323)
Remove unwanted files

Add constants for program enrollment

Add missing license header to xml files

Add omod 2.2 to list of loaded modules

Add openmrs proper version

Remove unused import

Change method for getting service context

Rename files to match 2_2 criteria

Add omod-2.2 rest constants

Revert changes

Change constant variable reference

Remove version 1.12

Restore commented out lines

Add the proper rest test constants import in program attribute resource test

Remove context configurations

RESTWS-698 Remove unused dependencies

RESTWS-698 Remove unused import and commented out code

RESTWS-698 Revert reset constants changes

JIRA issues

Unknown Issue TypeRESTWS-698Could not obtain issue details from JIRA