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5e399ddd0a7ec494e985cbf0b4698f0e3b128c07 5e399ddd0a7ec494e985cbf0b4698f0e3b128c07
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681f3bff12454842e7e4fae01a15ce2827d75dc7 681f3bff12454842e7e4fae01a15ce2827d75dc7
f57e133a631aae82a1cb920ac82db02a50508515 f57e133a631aae82a1cb920ac82db02a50508515
3e8657b7d7544942f599227ba4a2888d510774d5 3e8657b7d7544942f599227ba4a2888d510774d5
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#115 (Changes by jwnasambu <>)
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Burke Mamlin <> Burke Mamlin <> 681f3bff12454842e7e4fae01a15ce2827d75dc7 681f3bff12454842e7e4fae01a15ce2827d75dc7 Fix sourceforge rsync transfers
Sourceforge key is now under a sourceforge subfolder. Use "openmrs" username.
Author Commit Message Commit date
Wolf Schlegel <> Wolf Schlegel <> f57e133a631aae82a1cb920ac82db02a50508515 f57e133a631aae82a1cb920ac82db02a50508515 Trunk-4830 split pom into modules so that different Liquibase versions can be used (#52)
* TRUNK-4830-AC upgrade Liquibase maven plugin to 3.10.2 and refactor liquibase-ciel-data.xml

* TRUNK-4830 split pom into modules so that different Liquibase versions can be used

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