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  • Cosmin <>

    Cosmin <> 5006137ce2eee1303404f8e246fb4b5d3b6e81ea

    Merge pull request #16 from cioan/PROV-76
    PROV-76, do not show voided patients

  • Cosmin Ioan <>

    Cosmin Ioan <> 5797a1e0e689e3f53559579800ca005f86dae5fc

    PROV-76, do not show voided patients

    • api/src/main/java/org/openmrs/module/providermanagement/ (version 5797a1e0e689e3f53559579800ca005f86dae5fc)

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  • cintiadr <>

    cintiadr <> cb25741d3d6fa89e79187ec68f849228fcafce94

    Trying to improve error handling

    • (version cb25741d3d6fa89e79187ec68f849228fcafce94)
  • cintiadr <>

    cintiadr <> 03bbc693d0be9695ca15e6092b68236f3779f9d1

    Adding bash incantation to fail on problems

    • (version 03bbc693d0be9695ca15e6092b68236f3779f9d1)