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  • Ian Bacher

    Ian Bacher e530f4efa81220162fcb87ad02d53a29dece1d7c

    Re-add docker-compose.override.yml file, so the build instructions work as written

    • docker-compose.override.yml (version e530f4efa81220162fcb87ad02d53a29dece1d7c)
  • Ian Bacher

    Ian Bacher 4d55bbbfc95e5fc70ba3d706b75b651bda8ca423

    Upgrade backend versions

    • distro/pom.xml (version 4d55bbbfc95e5fc70ba3d706b75b651bda8ca423)
  • Ian Bacher

    Ian Bacher ff587dc2df3b08c972c2044cb5350fd93e367352

    Hopefully better default CSP

    • gateway/nginx.conf (version ff587dc2df3b08c972c2044cb5350fd93e367352)