Testing Refapp 2.12.0 on Platform 2.5.0-beta

Build: #28 failed

Job: Release to maven failed

Stages & jobs

  1. Deploy Reference Application

  2. Deploy docker image

  3. Deploy to uat-refapp

  4. Deploy to qa-refapp

  5. Validate

  6. Release

    Requires a user to start manually
  7. Set variables

  8. Release others

Code commits


  • tendo kiiza Martyn

    tendo kiiza Martyn 09cf7fb9fb61e01800e3c2df298d2abc3c4e2279 m

    Updating OpenMRS version to 2.5.0-beta

    • pom.xml (version 09cf7fb9fb61e01800e3c2df298d2abc3c4e2279)
  • OpenMRS Administrator

    OpenMRS Administrator 67e4ee4933c3aaf5e7c50f8e0708f672553a55be m

    [Maven Release] Increasing version of htmlformentryuiVersion to 2.2.0-SNAPSHOT

    • pom.xml (version 67e4ee4933c3aaf5e7c50f8e0708f672553a55be)
  • Daniel Kayiwa

    Daniel Kayiwa 8c51b20fe11f48eb4f4c99c95295f406ce16b0c4 m

    Switching to platform 2.4.1

    • pom.xml (version 8c51b20fe11f48eb4f4c99c95295f406ce16b0c4)
  • OpenMRS Administrator

    OpenMRS Administrator 3b1c693d9f0aef64409548255f37f4768d81050b m

    [Maven Release] Increasing version of referenceapplicationVersion to 2.13.0-SNAPSHOT

    • pom.xml (version 3b1c693d9f0aef64409548255f37f4768d81050b)
  • Daniel Kayiwa

    Daniel Kayiwa b49546d8d4d6f268d6be2d8b7b0d677907cf9ce3 m

    Switch appointmentscheduling to 1.17.0-SNAPSHOT

    • pom.xml (version b49546d8d4d6f268d6be2d8b7b0d677907cf9ce3)
  • OpenMRS Administrator

    OpenMRS Administrator 827e844397cec9dff6188ea2aa2c0637428019be m

    [Maven Release] Increasing version of uiframeworkVersion to 3.23.0-SNAPSHOT

    • pom.xml (version 827e844397cec9dff6188ea2aa2c0637428019be)
  • Daniel Kayiwa

    Daniel Kayiwa 74323529c4ffd2354cdc694bab4ba1ac1b595564 m

    Upgrade to platform 2.5.0-SNAPSHOT

    • pom.xml (version 74323529c4ffd2354cdc694bab4ba1ac1b595564)