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All successful tests
Status Test Duration
Successful AddDeleteLocationTest addLocationTest History
4 secs
Successful AddEditAppointmentBlockTest editAppointmentBlockTest History
7 secs
Successful AddVisitTypeTest addVisitTypeTest History
34 secs
Successful ComeBackToApplicationAfterLogoutTest comeBackToApplicationAfterLogoutTest History
2 secs
Successful CreatePersonTest createPersonTest History
7 secs
Successful DeleteAppointmentBlockTest deleteAppointmentBlockTest History
6 secs
Successful DeleteProviderTest deleteProviderTest History
5 secs
Successful DeleteVisitTypeTest deleteVisitTypeTest History
4 secs
Successful EditDemographicTest editDemographicTest History
9 secs
Successful EditPersonTest editPersonTest History
13 secs
Successful EditVisitTypeTest editVisitTypeTest History
4 secs
Successful MergePatientTest mergePatientByNameTest History
9 secs
Successful NamePatientAccentedLetterTest namePatientAccentedLetterTest History
8 secs
Successful RegisterPatientTest registerPatient History
8 secs
Successful RegisterUnidentifiedPatientTest registerUnidentifiedPatient History
6 secs
Successful RetireLocationTest retireLocationTest History
4 secs
Successful RetirePersonTest retirePersonTest History
5 secs
Successful RetireProviderTest retireProviderTest History
11 secs
Successful RetireVisitTypeTest retireVisitTypeTest History
3 secs
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