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  • Kakumirizi Daud <dkakumirizii@gmail.com>

    Kakumirizi Daud <dkakumirizii@gmail.com> d35912f34c5e984a30d06b20d50ab69117cf29e6

    RATEST-200: Adding page functionality for location workflow test (#535)
    * RATEST-200: Adding page functionality for e2e location workflow test

    * RATEST-200: Refactor logic for retireLocation() function

    * RATEST-200: Rename methods and refactoring page element names

    * RATEST-200: Renaming variables to clear readable names

    * RATEST-200: Refactor the logic of selectParentLocation() within manageLocation page

    * RATEST-200: Rename selectParentLocation() to setParentLocation() within manageLocations page

    * RATEST-200: Refactoring setParentLocation() to ensure parent location is set

    * RATEST-200: Use className() instead of cssSelector() to retrieve parent location field

    * RATEST-200: Use cssSelecter() instead of xPath() in retrieving addNewLocationButton on the page

    * RATEST-200: Replace the element reference value of CITY_FILED with #testing123

    • ui-tests/src/test/java/org/openmrs/reference/page/ConfigureMetadataPage.java (version d35912f34c5e984a30d06b20d50ab69117cf29e6)
    • ui-tests/src/test/java/org/openmrs/reference/page/ManageLocationAttributeTypesPage.java (version d35912f34c5e984a30d06b20d50ab69117cf29e6)
    • ui-tests/src/test/java/org/openmrs/reference/page/ManageLocationTagsPage.java (version d35912f34c5e984a30d06b20d50ab69117cf29e6)
    • ui-tests/src/test/java/org/openmrs/reference/page/ManageLocationsPage.java (version d35912f34c5e984a30d06b20d50ab69117cf29e6)