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Ivo Ulrich &lt;; Ivo Ulrich <> 66b9f0f7e42928598e603edb73bb16cf9f91f944 66b9f0f7e42928598e603edb73bb16cf9f91f944 Merge pull request #2097 from teleivo/encountervalidator-test
Add tests to EncounterValidatorTest
teleivo &lt;; teleivo <> 4bbfc6f4855abfe15c065b1a090c227f6d130130 4bbfc6f4855abfe15c065b1a090c227f6d130130 Add tests to EncounterValidatorTest
* add tests to EncounterValidatorTest for when validation is given null or
instance of class other than Encounter
* add setUp method preparing variables needed for tests to remove
duplication in test setup
* arrange test implementations in a arrange, act, assert style (or what
we often called the given,when,then) so its clear to see whats been
tested and what the outcome should be