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Deploys Reference Application SNAPSHOT to maven

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Stages & jobs

  1. Create Reference Application packages

  2. Upload parent pom to maven

  3. Deploy to Automated Functional Test Server

  4. Run UI Tests

  5. Deploy to Manual Test Server

  6. Release

    Requires a user to start manually
  7. Create Standalone

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Successful AddDiagnosisToVisitNoteTest AddDiagnosisToVisitNoteTest History
26 secs
Successful CheckModules checkModules History
11 secs
Successful DuplicatePatientRegisterTest DuplicateRegisterTest History
14 secs
Successful EndVisitTest EndVisitTest History
17 secs
Successful LoginTest verifyClerkModulesAvailableOnHomePage History
1 sec
Successful LoginTest verifyDoctorModulesAvailableOnHomePage History
1 sec
Successful LoginTest verifyModulesAvailableOnHomePage History
1 sec
Successful LoginTest verifyNurseModulesAvailableOnHomePage History
1 sec
Successful LoginTest verifySysadminModulesAvailableOnHomePage History
1 sec
Successful RegistrationAppTest registerAPatient History
12 secs
Successful RegistrationAppTest registerUnidentifiedPatient History
7 secs
Successful VisitTest testStartVisit History
14 secs
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