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  • 58 tests in total
  • 2 tests were fixed
  • 8 minutes taken in total.

The following 58 tests have passed: 2 tests were fixed since the last build.

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Fixed tests 2
Status Test Duration
Successful AddPatientAppointmentTest addPatientAppointmentTest History
14 secs
Successful BookRequestAppointmentTest bookRequestAppointmentTest History
20 secs
All successful tests
Status Test Duration
Successful RetireVisitTypeTest retireVisitTypeTest History
3 secs
Successful SearchActiveVisitsTest searchActiveVisitsTest History
5 secs
Successful StartVisitTest startVisitTest History
7 secs
Successful TransferToWardServiceTest transferToWardServiceTest History
16 secs
Successful UnidentifiedPatientKeyboardTest unidentifiedPatientKeyboardTest History
39 secs
Successful UsingBackButtonInMergePatientTest usingBackButtonInMergePatientTest History
12 secs
Successful VisitNoteTest visitNoteTest History
24 secs
Successful XSSOnPhoneNumberFieldTest xssOnPhoneNumberFieldTest History
10 secs
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