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Release: openmrs-trunk-1937

Deploys nightly Demo and publishes nightly to sourceforge


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This release
Author Commit Message Commit date
teleivo <mrteleivo@gmail.com> teleivo <mrteleivo@gmail.com> 3fe6d73f215c0fd90b8f3b130da1203c6d9a3beb TRUNK-5404 Add deprecation javadocs to MigrationHelper
teleivo <mrteleivo@gmail.com> teleivo <mrteleivo@gmail.com> fd5373b314c3f1db04896e0994a9c7d8c40d4776 Add readme to openmrs/modules/dtd
to explain what they do, where to find further information and how they
are synced to http://resources.openmrs.org/doctype
teleivo <mrteleivo@gmail.com> teleivo <mrteleivo@gmail.com> 88866fb21ae5d247140d735dc2028987d8792e98 TRUNK-5404 Deprecate unused MigrationHelper
since it is not used within core and not anywhere in the openmrs github
organization and has only been updated a few times to keep it from
breaking our build and up to our coding standards.