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Cintia Del Rio Calvo <> Cintia Del Rio Calvo <> 871261ccb26e1900a89442b0cefb9388cd21dea7 atlas 3.1 - replacing php with node
Cintia Del Rio Calvo <> Cintia Del Rio Calvo <> 4eb722db77846548d95103b948ec54b33454054c ITSM-4198: really, why are we installing deps in docker image???
Cintia Del Rio Calvo <> Cintia Del Rio Calvo <> 8a9e230e7f28c6c0b7bb9aeb7b5b24fb26262b75 Merge branch 'master' of
Cintia Del Rio Calvo <> Cintia Del Rio Calvo <> f78a5a74178b4ec6835b48f8512f8c939e059ab8 Installing deps during build time
cintiadr <> cintiadr <> ab91fc70bbf0e0df8ae097f69e941a63f18dea44 Fix readme for branch 3.x
Burke Mamlin <> Burke Mamlin <> fb4e932d138226366587543c0cc96bf73162c95a ITSM-4164: support google maps api key
Ayush Gupta <> Ayush Gupta <> f807801e5f4c90460d4f1e22389aab7f630d421b Added link to atlas 3.0 module in (#38)
cintiadr <> cintiadr <> 2b0d5b4e9159330014656a581f439f82e3aac6d9 Disable debug
cintiadr <> cintiadr <> 98ba51d85bdf9c57d1dc2a93a3a0e98a3aad76bd Merge pull request #37 from isears/master
Turn off default verbose error messages
Isaac Sears <> Isaac Sears <> ab597689b5e3964d7a2eb31d1adfdaefa921ab5b Turn off default verbose error messages
Sparsha Dotel <> Sparsha Dotel <> b1727fa2cbf42fbfdc46931e947e8ab107673b74 modified dockerfile to take env.local.php file
Sparsha Dotel <> Sparsha Dotel <> 8e9fe5c64bbaeaaa98a53dd74b32ebf416aa3e03 fixed issue where environment configuration was not being added to docker image
Sparsha Dotel <> Sparsha Dotel <> 77906e307475479487ab3b28f7f1020457201b40 Fixed issue where the build was taking .. as a relative path
cintiadr <> cintiadr <> d577d65cb5f6516122d95e202084988fe7d1486a Merge pull request #36 from openmrs/ITSM-4046
ITSM-4046 Docker Image for Atlas
Sparsha Dotel <> Sparsha Dotel <> ff879be2317647f5f3608f168789391f6f1684d0 Now uses local files instead of downloading the latest source code from github
Sparsha Dotel <> Sparsha Dotel <> a14b1f7f05a3fa1d933930a940ec83a01f5a0a8c removed wget and supervisor
Sparsha Dotel <> Sparsha Dotel <> 95087ea027ee720b60608b11a0e215838ba4886d ITSM-4046 Docker Image for Atlas
Robby O'Connor Robby O'Connor 598a24f0315071d5d12a729842426c9e8bd12a70 add script to automate fixing trailing whitespace
Robby O'Connor Robby O'Connor 21dc5c8fd4d7c3284c505013b5044a26c3b08dd2 remove trailing whitespace
This is does change functionality in any way. I am therefore directly
committing this change directly as opposed to a pull request as it won't break things.

To do this I used the following linux find command:

find . -not \( -wholename "./.git" -prune \) -type f -exec sed -i 's/[ \t]*$//' {} \;
Isaac Sears <> Isaac Sears <> c25055dee366b1d14570b46df271ef0cdeb9c83a Fix phantomjs ssl bug and add timeout (#35)
Isaac Sears <> Isaac Sears <> da3902631a5b3a64fd2cd9ac02db327fda161476 Remove 'screenshot' and 'capture' routes (#34)
Daniel Kayiwa Daniel Kayiwa 4e95b8b0637dd78cd87e581083ef2df7f104aa98 Merge pull request #28 from kant/patch-1
Minor fixes
Daniel Kayiwa Daniel Kayiwa fb4cb0269829a27708d651e0ee4400d84bbb11b6 Merge pull request #32 from kant/patch-5
Minor fixes: proposal
Daniel Kayiwa Daniel Kayiwa 88b830c98131c670dcb3a5dc72c1bc7d5c562b26 Merge pull request #33 from kant/patch-6
Minor fixes: proposal
Daniel Kayiwa Daniel Kayiwa a1dd8c79525357587d31e60efdd2f3ed3ba25551 Merge pull request #29 from kant/patch-2
Minor fix: typo
Daniel Kayiwa Daniel Kayiwa 56e9363c5c417f25b4f553167c8ecd77e93f1ed2 Merge pull request #31 from kant/patch-4
Minor fixes: proposal
Daniel Kayiwa Daniel Kayiwa 4c2889a61819eb002b2a6994f84db09c68365203 Merge pull request #30 from kant/patch-3
Minor fix: typo
Darío Hereñú <> Darío Hereñú <> 3cabb23e613e6f9635c0dea4fa703f6a6581133e Minor fixes: proposal
Darío Hereñú <> Darío Hereñú <> 087d2d7f75f2e6dc2089209ebf4e4852ab77be67 Minor fixes: proposal
Darío Hereñú <> Darío Hereñú <> 5c886b78457b682d29507eeeaf5d1d502eae57b8 Minor fixes: proposal
Darío Hereñú <> Darío Hereñú <> 7708d310e60ed49073ed9784e4e79fd21a57044e Minor fix: typo
Darío Hereñú <> Darío Hereñú <> d121eb426dae820b11ffba106f195f04c51b57b0 Minor fix: typo
Darío Hereñú <> Darío Hereñú <> a0d6b02949854a63da8d33cf8c43955e14990046 Minor fixes
Update links. I think that the link to  PhantomJS  do not reflect the current status (outdated?)
Daniel Kayiwa Daniel Kayiwa 2b16e639272daa3ec84c314f6125906d6954f8f9 Merge pull request #27 from ShekharReddy4/GSoC-2016
added the clusterer image
ShekharReddy4 <> ShekharReddy4 <> 8d258ac5ea1e5dcbef4156dd4f649ff20166ab14 added the cluster image
Daniel Kayiwa Daniel Kayiwa daa1a36b9099b666465a340b6445801b5c82d285 Merge pull request #26 from ShekharReddy4/GSoC-2016
changes to composer.json for change in the namespace Rhumsaa
Burke Mamlin <> Burke Mamlin <> fe388bd3b52fc2d461aa7dc91bdd9379b4f68275 MarkerClusterer moved to GitHub
Burke Mamlin <> Burke Mamlin <> 8bf1b3aba76d8deb289c2e31cd522af0d230556b MarkerClusterer moved to GitHub
ShekharReddy4 <> ShekharReddy4 <> 01228d063e5034870cb31e54a34c02c554d1f195 changes to composer.json
Darius Jazayeri <> Darius Jazayeri <> 09df8f7271e0986d2189ef8ae0ce4f583bca8db0 Merge pull request #25 from abhishekjhaji/master
added steps to create new distibution in read me file
abhishekjhaji <> abhishekjhaji <> 076731f23ada66389bbf1426a9d2d3da5890a6f4 added steps to create new distibution in read me file
Burke Mamlin <> Burke Mamlin <> 6e3c6256729cd5879863153bc1b2b9b7625b6e19 Update
Burke Mamlin <> Burke Mamlin <> 5269dfd38613287f1d1f6822ec1976f241b098c6 Merge pull request #24 from abhishekjhaji/master
Latest code with bug fixes
skvithalani <> skvithalani <> 85c6fda91550d2ee308acb417adee656d760b8e8 [Saloni/Abhishek-Fadingissue]The date conversion on js part was corrected
skvithalani <> skvithalani <> 30429e40f3218e118f6c966bfffa51bb88128e78 [Saloni/Abhishek-ATLAS-122]Renamed Distributions to Distros to adjust it within the width
skvithalani <> skvithalani <> c09db3cc5c4eca0c463666d4a3d21f033923cfbf [Saloni/Abhishek-ATLAS-120] updated comparison logic for standard distribution
Darius Jazayeri <> Darius Jazayeri <> bc3aaf4bc6ebb6f132152e98f3e42be6fbea147b Merge pull request #23 from abhishekjhaji/master
Added configurations compatible with staging environment
skvithalani <> skvithalani <> 22d144afbcc3ffbdd0c3360cdf49fb805f3b1a75 [Abhishek/Saloni-ATLAS-120]reverted values to default configuration for log level and migration script for staging environment
skvithalani <> skvithalani <> e0e85ac4e2a8d280d90ab8b7e28c87741f192232 [Saloni/Abhishek - Atlas-120] updated criteria for finding standard distributions
skvithalani <> skvithalani <> a474284e9e88a3efcef79fd2ae032433bea75061 [Saloni/Abhishek-ATLAS-120]added migration for inserting standard distributions
skvithalani <> skvithalani <> e0cecd6a67e8abd58fdcf7bcf659ef6409a49519 [Saloni/Abhishek-ATLAS-120]changed Distribution model to be compatiblewith mysql version < 5.6
skvithalani <> skvithalani <> b24bb5fe4937428989b2a931db14eaa06c80c499 [Saloni/Abhishek-ATLAS_120]reverted the value of hostname for local
skvithalani <> skvithalani <> 1878b43830ead925f8565de1c906ec4584d67c48 [Abhishek/Saloni-ATLAS-120]changed local environment value to localhost from getHostName()
Darius Jazayeri <> Darius Jazayeri <> 7dc69a95e3fada1ce360acc938c99f7ca67cb2d0 Merge pull request #22 from abhishekjhaji/master
Refactored code with capability to add distribution through UI
skvithalani <> skvithalani <> cf5ce49b98007a8e47e4d3daac2bdb791cf6a017 [Saloni/Abhishek-ATLAS-120]removed extra error to start logging error in log files
skvithalani <> skvithalani <> 7e876a666d035d51d2d4979467b50014cc618b55 [Saloni/Abhishek-ATLAS-120] Removed start.php from git ignore
skvithalani <> skvithalani <> f09240456918dab6af74c1e8703dea7d7742d2ff [SAloni/Abhishek-ATLAS-120]added seed data for Distributions
abhishekjhaji <> abhishekjhaji <> 7c3b99918ee288be184e94d86d5b8cd6d262c8b0 [Abhishek-Atlas-119]displaying distribution in sorted order in dropdown and legends
abhishekjhaji <> abhishekjhaji <> b5081876833fab9a8f32ca9755267e5dd61bd4b0 [Abhishek-Atlas-120] display only those legends which are currently present on map
abhishekjhaji <> abhishekjhaji <> 2a0d2c3a27ed20f3ad44ffb4dc8552d419898be6 [Abhishek-Atlas-119] added legend for distribution
abhishekjhaji <> abhishekjhaji <> 3faaf1f45b96299a629714601c00628cccdd3fca [Abhishek-Atlas-119]added marker save,update and audit in transaction
skvithalani <> skvithalani <> bde4aea2f8493488036b4842a7e73dcd1cb41a3f [Abhishek/Saloni-ATLAS-119]added comments for archive table name and extracted isNonStandard method in Distribution
skvithalani <> skvithalani <> 353b9bc4884d5dbb0c0e32b5ab6d4caddada8ab7 [Saloni/Abhishek-ATLAS-119]removed src of Constants.js and moved constants in distribution.js
skvithalani <> skvithalani <> ea1b7339f9e9273845af30023f29e21d132d8d4d [Saloni/Abhishek-ATLAS-119]added info Logs for audit and distribution
skvithalani <> skvithalani <> e0e2f9b3935fc1acb94d2b29499c245aa0897ff3 [Saloni/Abhishek-ATLAS-119]renamed pingAtlasDelete to delete
skvithalani <> skvithalani <> 4bedefb9c6953d33d870835994e51a67cc8ad139 [Saloni/Abhishek-ATLAS-119]added timestamp in distribution and moved constants to distribution.js
skvithalani <> skvithalani <> aa9ea185d160c5703c9c4ad18dcb05a484f1846d [Saloni/Abhishek-TLAS-119]refactored js to objectify Select box option in creating distribution drop down
skvithalani <> skvithalani <> 8c0b2fe8d97ca544bcb3d72c2d7fe1230b6258cb [Abhishek/saloni-ATLAS-119]refactored backend for MarkerSiteController -> autoPostModule and pingAtlasDelete
skvithalani <> skvithalani <> 33a2a4b87d87fae6b270404615846f8984d10d6e [Saloni/Abhishek-ATLAS-119] Backend Code refactoring for add update and audit marker site. Used Eloquent ORM from laravel to refactor as mvc
skvithalani <> skvithalani <> bf07112afe78308bfc72331149ee773adac86d0e [Saloni/Abhishek-ATLAS-119]refactored js and controllers, also added models
skvithalani <> skvithalani <> 9f4d64a3a0ce1da08e40054b2f88f05b8d2afc64 [Abhishek/Saloni-ATLAS-119]code refactoring for js
skvithalani <> skvithalani <> 0a4415754375d6925a2ef226d82df2ec7705dc4f [Saloni/Abhishek-ATLAS-119]refactored js and solved two defects of non standard distro not getting saved
skvithalani <> skvithalani <> 878d49461e68b69dc2940bb02f684e32ecf2118b [Abhishek/Saloni-ATLAS-119]updated env.local.phph sample
skvithalani <> skvithalani <> e327981746c5d1bdc79d475082211e563c2f4f6c [Abhishek/Saloni-ATLAS-119]modified app.php url and added env.local.php
skvithalani <> skvithalani <> 21a1d021f37949c456b3ddd8c26bc4cc764b9bdb [Saloni/Abhishek-ATLAS-119]displaying distro info in info bubble when it is present
abhishekjhaji <> abhishekjhaji <> 657ac3fc5b81996319803fcdd584a036bd8e7437 [Saloni/Abhishek-ATLAS-119]Added migration script for distributions
skvithalani <> skvithalani <> 28d0e3f387fe95c5d575a1bc35984050fd99b70e [Saloni/Abhishek-ATLAS_119]Refactored update marker by Module
skvithalani <> skvithalani <> bcea31fd98bd688068d1baf7c9d708787f89ece1 [Abhishek/Saloni-ATLAS-119]removed PingControllerTest for time being
abhishekjhaji <> abhishekjhaji <> c65c333dfc11754983630fab43e90adcd9a8728f [Saloni/Abhishek] refactoring - machine name configuration
skvithalani <> skvithalani <> d4eed2e1bdf779b2df77149c99fbd2abc6b7800c [Saloni/Abhishek-ATLAS-119]Deleted non standard distro while deleting site and (bug fixed of )capturing standard distro in archive while creating site
skvithalani <> skvithalani <> 15f263e725b164597830b9c2874fb073cf9805c1 [Saloni/Abhishek-ATLAS-119]Writing test for PingController/pingAtlas
skvithalani <> skvithalani <> 36d79ef7d45c944f263544d036703c43ab1d7a39 [Saloni/Abhishek-ATLAS-119]refactored PingControler/pingAtlas
skvithalani <> skvithalani <> 7582f2d954419770b197ddf826d0dfe2347a4a4b [Abhishek/Saloni] added log configuration for laravel 4
skvithalani <> skvithalani <> ae83d770648ffa3e641c419a2b42346bd9c42620 [Saloni/Abhishek -ATLAS-119]refactored js and handled archive delete
skvithalani <> skvithalani <> a55d7984ea16ed1c7bba180c8e1ecc93fe3bbee3 [Saloni/Abhishek-ATLAS-119]Updated UI to handle non standard distribution name
skvithalani <> skvithalani <> 376970bbb5d7f1d78ae946d59c97c2f8fa2d761e [Saloni/Abhishek-ATLAS-119]Insert and update distro
skvithalani <> skvithalani <> 41980631a3a9713d2c00077392f639822348f7ae [Saloni/Abhishek-ATLAS-119]insert and update of distro
skvithalani <> skvithalani <> a01c3df272f879d86fdb298326f6f126845c8502 Saloni/Abhishek[JIRA/ATLAS_119]:Code refactoring of PingController/pingAtlas
skvithalani <> skvithalani <> d9faf2383e2aeb15d7b4f65afef43fc08e49144c Refactored pingAtlas
skvithalani <> skvithalani <> f9b715ee37aa37b7eb7bf29cdf1b1ebdd74094ee dev env and prod env
skvithalani <> skvithalani <> d678be64b4dbffdb597a33cc52c9321e42da765e edit form refactored
skvithalani <> skvithalani <> 948ac7ccac467ae8336c1390aca918549a470499 added other option for selecting distribution
skvithalani <> skvithalani <> 6be20ad078ed6a66539164f3b966c00ce6b296d5 added start.php in gitignore
abhishekjhaji <> abhishekjhaji <> 28aca86fdbb41cc83c43018cdcbf48bdec562699 show distribution list on UI dynamically
abhishekjhaji <> abhishekjhaji <> 94b330060e7a0d1b66eed4f7caec72b93398f971 code refactoring and ajax call for distributionlist added
abhishekjhaji <> abhishekjhaji <> 08561c628489c3ff268899f05061cf1234a7334a refactored marker source call with ajax call
abhishekjhaji <> abhishekjhaji <> 51702e38825df2d14f3ef329b952a44a7c3f6253 styling select box of distro
abhishekjhaji <> abhishekjhaji <> ad44f10cfcfdb96271b36dc5607b301db4754f7e added distro select box in edit form
Daniel Kayiwa Daniel Kayiwa 525a9aae8ca33cf975c7939d82a7155bd3e860b5 Merge pull request #20 from alexisduque/ATLAS-117
ATLAS-117: Duplicate "This is not me." buttons.
Alexis Duque Alexis Duque 51a9c3a3f826fc035ed01c63a72a6e73f1f1af04 ATLAS-117: Duplicate "This is not me." buttons.