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Release: openmrs-trunk-2072

Deploys nightly Demo and publishes nightly to sourceforge


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This release
Author Commit Message Commit date
dkayiwa <kayiwadaniel@gmail.com> dkayiwa <kayiwadaniel@gmail.com> 7755cecc098e48a59d54e754d2ef58dc02e56f9b Fixing integration test failure - TRUNK-5413
AJAL ODORA JONATHAN <43242517+ODORA0@users.noreply.github.com> AJAL ODORA JONATHAN <43242517+ODORA0@users.noreply.github.com> 3577f4ff9351fa387924bd647f9ab6aec921a9f4 TRUNK-5413: Add Category field to OrderSet (#2887)