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Release: openmrs-trunk-2106

Deploys nightly Demo and publishes nightly to sourceforge


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This release
Author Commit Message Commit date
mgoodrich <mark.goodrich@live.com> mgoodrich <mark.goodrich@live.com> d77a3c4e2c3e2b88e1fc074576f5fbdce94a89d2 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
mgoodrich <mark.goodrich@live.com> mgoodrich <mark.goodrich@live.com> df9d9618b866cc046197acf96679f73fb6401722 TRUNK-5685: In BaseContextSenstiveTest, make dropNotNullConstraint method protected
dkayiwa <kayiwadaniel@gmail.com> dkayiwa <kayiwadaniel@gmail.com> 63c3589b4c00fc23ac37ec134680c01010b4e933 Downgrading hibernate validator to 4.3.2.Final - TRUNK-5499