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Release: openmrs-trunk-2206

Deploys nightly Demo and publishes nightly to sourceforge


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This release
Author Commit Message Commit date
mgoodrich <mark.goodrich@live.com> mgoodrich <mark.goodrich@live.com> a765e0d82f7cbfb98f340ac260dcd31f28b22027 remove wildcard import
Mark Goodrich <mark.goodrich@live.com> Mark Goodrich <mark.goodrich@live.com> 4a12c10e9d0baafa4610cd5881c74171f768c5bf Trunk-5738:Allow searching for orders based on Accession Number and O… (#3215)
Mritunjay Dubey <mddubey409@gmail.com> Mritunjay Dubey <mddubey409@gmail.com> 23eddbdf211ad32b2f31d6dff9a9c3f741660571 TFS-5740 | Initilize lazy propeties while caching for True,False and unknown concepts (#3209)