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kyampeire Hadijah <> kyampeire Hadijah <> 2dcb3ceebc21dea96044e5eddd7c333bd506bf6d Merge pull request #649 from nk183/OCLOMRS-875
OCLOMRS-875 : removed the strange Concept Name formatting
kyampeire Hadijah <> kyampeire Hadijah <> bbf93b9b18a0df14f5574e7dab2487e6e9b96c5b Merge pull request #653 from nk183/OCLOMRS-921
OCLOMRS-921:Switched the position of the Submit and Cancel button in …
nk183 <> nk183 <> 40e8a85723967f113c5e6f73d9df1be8570dc16f OCLOMRS-921:Switched the position of the Submit and Cancel button
kyampeire Hadijah <> kyampeire Hadijah <> 2ad90397cc37018b985bacc8e5c079cc1914f5a7 Merge pull request #658 from suruchee/OCLOMRS-925
OCLOMRS-925:Delete members in an organisation
suruchi dhungana suruchi dhungana 4d77e92a97f5a323d14cde9337ae1294a2dda3ff changed MenuItem to IconButton in org delete
suruchi dhungana suruchi dhungana 52572ed425d642fc12a1b600b3ab0fa456c28de1 OCLOMRS-925:Delete members in an organisation
kyampeire Hadijah <> kyampeire Hadijah <> a0df00455fbae8484244366e4420389599a80f80 Merge pull request #656 from hadijahkyampeire/OCLOMRS-924
OCLOMRS-924: Adds new member to an organisation.
hadijahkyampeire <> hadijahkyampeire <> 50623c96d874e8af0e10f8803e0b658d8af9ba98 Catch error message and close the dialog when loading is false
Ian Bacher Ian Bacher 6a03bb040c92032bcfaea952274947885c8df024 Some minor adjustments
Ian Bacher Ian Bacher 6832b3537809e1a29d5ef9809a9f44daf5ea2c1a Some minor adjustments
hadijahkyampeire <> hadijahkyampeire <> afc6fbb07d0a0f6f0d2db3fcd617b7736445e3b0 adds new member to an organisation.
kyampeire Hadijah <> kyampeire Hadijah <> 852bebbc5e6fff5adb8ee30ae1216522cc9f6cde Merge pull request #654 from suruchee/OCLOMRS-914
OCLOMRS-914:Organization Members UI
suruchi dhungana suruchi dhungana 365e8f6abb3e4612f2474db6154fce11b583389a OCLOMRS-914:Organization Members UI
kyampeire Hadijah <> kyampeire Hadijah <> 5d6e635dad7f741843c3045cadbd8f331fbec50a Merge pull request #652 from hadijahkyampeire/OCLOMRS-920
OCLOMRS-920: Make sources and collections links.
hadijahkyampeire <> hadijahkyampeire <> 8ad48c13a02a21504935ffb77002b839636fdf4f fix the website bug
nk183 <> nk183 <> aab7cf710930b9a7af9e9e0045e526034a9b8652 OCLOMRS-921:Switched the position of the Submit and Cancel button in the version creation form
hadijahkyampeire <> hadijahkyampeire <> 3f17f638842e00e6c6f2ee63690d757ca930fca9 adds organisation name to the details
hadijahkyampeire <> hadijahkyampeire <> eb56f39328219768420c2f4d3e73a08c5390623c make sources and collections links
kyampeire Hadijah <> kyampeire Hadijah <> 34e1f131d81550db3bcd8f7a559d03f2c3bbfddc Merge pull request #648 from hadijahkyampeire/OCLOMRS-809
OCLOMRS-809: Implement viewing, editing, and deleting organisation.
Ian Bacher Ian Bacher 9b4a2a9a1753dd03e2da0570193b9e65267af84c Formatting fixes
hadijahkyampeire <> hadijahkyampeire <> ffd6e89b5ea13cc01cc2c6f4551f793cd67ae553 Add tabs to organisations
Ian Bacher Ian Bacher c4b2a709d8ee532bb2e85a5d524016d0e54ba513 Fix sorting algorithm
Ian Bacher Ian Bacher 099cf11e788245b993983daffe0bab1587e8637d Fix sorting algorithm
jwnasambu <> jwnasambu <> b9dc3959e31afdff383daa4cda104a6070045c87 OCLOMRS-907: Sort Names Alphabetically by Language (#650)
nk183 <> nk183 <> e0c61202aab2aa39f2149f36f27aaaa0ec4cea27 OCLOMRS-875 : removed the strange Concept Name formatting
hadijahkyampeire <> hadijahkyampeire <> 463db5ad49a4ad20d0f78d94665da66343e06468 Implement viewing,editing,and deleting org
dependabot[bot] <49699333+dependabot[bot]> dependabot[bot] <49699333+dependabot[bot]> f7f222726bed72c17cce8cc1f7f8f9cff5a48270 Bump axios from 0.19.2 to 0.21.1 (#645)
Bumps [axios]( from 0.19.2 to 0.21.1.
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Signed-off-by: dependabot[bot] <>

Co-authored-by: dependabot[bot] <49699333+dependabot[bot]>
kyampeire Hadijah <> kyampeire Hadijah <> a91d0088d55906eb538681f90e4de755ea193eb0 Merge pull request #644 from hadijahkyampeire/OCLOMRS-799
OCLOMRS-799:Implements retrieving, creating and searching orgs
hadijahkyampeire <> hadijahkyampeire <> 900506c44866d9ee96d2fc3f5f11e1522d45cbfa fix tests
hadijahkyampeire <> hadijahkyampeire <> 7a962848a4b4ca4feefa888ed504531a5fb963ba implement feedback
hadijahkyampeire <> hadijahkyampeire <> 6f5a0d112c770edf504387c7a48888d1cddf4ddb implements retrieving, creating and searching orgs
jwnasambu <> jwnasambu <> 4e3cd33ef47e6ece6e45a77290d96784b620107a OCLOMRS-874:Concept selections in "Pick from existing" disappear if user extends list length (#641)
Naman <> Naman <> fda16db513c351c0e7f95152c758b5cbf04482c9 OCLOMRS-857 Back button and title hidden by expanded side nav (#640)

* Update NavDrawer.tsx
jwnasambu <> jwnasambu <> bb86dc8d254fdf9e006e6ce1316cffe382982037 OCLOMRS-855: Missing error message with wrong login credentials (#642)
jwnasambu <> jwnasambu <> 3f2aba4a285f28ee66d56eafcd24092c37724d3a OCLOMRS-896: Owner field not mandatory for source (#637)