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kyampeire Hadijah <> kyampeire Hadijah <> facbcd64a8d8ee417d01ff4cfd7abe5a94d5b4be Merge pull request #665 from suruchee/OCLOMRS-941
OCLOMRS-941:Create Copy of an existing dictionary and redirect to Cre…
hadijahkyampeire <> hadijahkyampeire <> fcd871339f25dcf3786fec9fb09f6e210245bce0 Fixed some bug of undefined versions and removed the console
Ian Bacher Ian Bacher 8db301986bd31271c09e4b5dd7019ba30c367328 Some simplifications also, reset the copied dictionary when no longer copying
hadijahkyampeire <> hadijahkyampeire <> 91ca642780e72ead023ccda34128fe6bfba265d7 Refactor copy and create
Ian Bacher Ian Bacher 82b197d6e4b83ff19598a1a0ef9e0d741c9e0aff OCLOMRS-931: Allow signup link to be controlled via environment variable (#666)
Ian Bacher Ian Bacher 8a864537adca671b1fc1e22e1c9973f05fdce5e2 OCLOMRS-942: Wrong organisations returned for users (#667)
Ian Bacher Ian Bacher 8c53b5b8e3acad16601f09d0b4e684e9c3b74a55 OCLOMRS-923: Concept counts not displayed when using API2 (#668)
Ian Bacher Ian Bacher c19bbf7b0bf2b2f3ecb7941c2921c45a83d7d24d By default, use the QA environment, not the demo environment
Ian Bacher Ian Bacher 686bf26a95f955ebe191ef71796bdb0d2df149e8 Remove some unnecessary typing
Ian Bacher Ian Bacher d192cb25b8158b2be0e7b8660eae599619d9acad Ensure that `` is a property
Ian Bacher Ian Bacher 21e29e80eed6079a9257419775b5bd5ae8e8b2b0 Ensure that `` is a property
hadijahkyampeire <> hadijahkyampeire <> 94a066ca5ef56b94c2b6873e292e357a22635d45 Implements copying dictionary
suruchi dhungana suruchi dhungana 61679c2a54401fa684d480d5f6b0d44d738c7f60 OCLOMRS-941:Create Copy of an existing dictionary and redirect to Create dictionary Page
Ian Bacher Ian Bacher 2d6f8f85dfd0fc802968dee61ac1ffb20106297e Fix the build
Ian Bacher Ian Bacher 6a6286ff348e7e1970952c547eabe87d2af58e1d OCLOMRS-918: Add button to add concept to dictionary when viewing concept
jwnasambu <> jwnasambu <> d8b03a1afd654aaae1b370187097c9ead34062cb OCLOMRS-898: Go directly to requested URL after login (#664)
Ian Bacher Ian Bacher 1519c0cf8f8d0d521b865181a13e580fdab0ab13 Some stricter typings
Ian Bacher Ian Bacher 769794d0a5f77c9c70e5ef3213a21f4ee83d2d91 Fix logic in OrgMembers
kyampeire Hadijah <> kyampeire Hadijah <> 1588d8adb779efa13c7ee1eba7f6ae1b6319a4b0 Merge pull request #661 from jwnasambu/OCLOMRS-926
OCLOMRS-926:Recursively loading concepts shouldn't try to reload the concept more than once
kyampeire Hadijah <> kyampeire Hadijah <> 958afeb6a3d566e22f4772cbf5a1425068d53668 Merge pull request #663 from nk183/OCLOMRS-890
OCLOMRS-890:added clear error message for :release ID already exists
nk183 <> nk183 <> 5190cf1bbb82c1f3919a2cf63ca64c1bf9b7f177 OCLOMRS-890:added clear error message for :release ID already exists
kyampeire Hadijah <> kyampeire Hadijah <> a7cbb73968657d02ce7aaa362a60e865ff2c19ed Merge pull request #657 from openmrs/OCLOMRS-929
OCLOMRS-929: Obscure api token on user profile page
kyampeire Hadijah <> kyampeire Hadijah <> ce38ffbc9aa256eeeaaad7dc7605ad1a87e1738a Merge pull request #662 from Irenyak1/OCLOMRS-934
OCLOMRS-934: Fix the NO button on the dialog modal for deleting an organisation
kyampeire Hadijah <> kyampeire Hadijah <> 544bda89935c3682d00ed1f3921b0f103b4b3e43 Merge pull request #660 from Irenyak1/OCLOMRS-930
OCLOMRS-930 - Created back arrow on the create pages(Dictionary, Source & Organistion) and General details pages
Irene Nyakate Irene Nyakate b8c030890a48397e5ff5b23cc14d4074bb99fa99 OCLOMRS-934: Adds the NO button functionality on deleting an organisation
Irene Nyakate Irene Nyakate 2a41aac3cb6cec6e693a10fb8d4625f6eadcd848 OCLOMRS-934: Adds functionality to the NO button found on the warning modal that appears when a user clicks the delete Organisation button on the Edit Organisation Page
Irene Nyakate Irene Nyakate 84cc4af23e8be35370e9be8497c6a9031d1a0c23 OCLOMRS-930 : Adds back arrow and crumbs to the create pages ie Dictionary, Organisation and Sources and their corresponding details pages
Juliet Wamalwa Juliet Wamalwa bd31e39304afdab17d34ce519f14a8174157b76a OCLOMRS-926:Recursively loading concepts shouldn't try to reload the concept more than once
Burke Mamlin <> Burke Mamlin <> 609389f99dcb6a8f775e913ac3a88923a38a34e7 OCLOMRS-929: Obscure api token on user profile page
This change uses a simple blur effect to obscure the user's API token on their profile page. The token is visible on hover and can be copied to clipboard just as before. This simple approach can help protect user API tokens from being accidentally compromised until we come up with a better approach.