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Author Commit Message Commit date
kyampeire Hadijah <> kyampeire Hadijah <> 3c5eb2ac56708d1d764bf59d8096dc1ed93a34cc OCLOMRS-1048: Back button goes back to dictionary instead of search results (#744)
jwnasambu <> jwnasambu <> 04efed8b71301a37430cdceabe6176432c80a2d1 OCLOMRS-1046:Paging through the list of concepts no longer works (#742)
Co-authored-by: jwnasambu <>
kyampeire Hadijah <> kyampeire Hadijah <> 22be09db3480250d977eab4dea4d3236a840b95b OCLOMRS-1028: Source disappears in answer section of a coded concept (#732)
suruchi dhungana suruchi dhungana 036bcde0cf13f697056ada6be8e0dcdaee69cec9 OCLOMRS-1031:Your Organizations Sources shows user-owned sources (#738)
* OCLOMRS-1031:Your Organizations Sources shows user-owned sources

* fixes for failing test

* Use contains instead of equal to avoid the test error

Co-authored-by: hadijahkyampeire <>
jwnasambu <> jwnasambu <> ae39faa92c2b7a1d97ee2631da95d4b464eedea2 OCLOMRS-1043:Cannot select another language for a source (#739)
Co-authored-by: jwnasambu <>