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Release: openmrs-trunk-1535

Deploys nightly Demo and publishes nightly to sourceforge


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This release
Author Commit Message Commit date
Darius Jazayeri <jazayeri@alum.mit.edu> Darius Jazayeri <jazayeri@alum.mit.edu> 194a560a0b9f28d5b01f4be8aa262030372250e8 Fixing sub-list markdown syntax
Ivo Ulrich <teleivo@users.noreply.github.com> Ivo Ulrich <teleivo@users.noreply.github.com> 41b49d50dd860ff2c90c041cec8c8e79432a7fe0 Merge pull request #2086 from teleivo/pr-template
add instructions to checklist in PR template
teleivo <mrteleivo@gmail.com> teleivo <mrteleivo@gmail.com> e960a8dd28250dd30b676f265c8cba63ab88e95b add instructions to checklist in PR template
as new devs creating PRs seem to have trouble
formatting their code, creating a single commit, adding tests, running
their changes and tests through the build process I

* tried to clarify the language/structure of the PR template
* added instructions to the checklist so that if a new devs has doubts
directly has the right resource at hand to check the box in the end
Daniel Kayiwa Daniel Kayiwa 159c0482e3e20f95d1c33da2926b2d317ad23605 Merge pull request #2074 from mddubey/TRUNK-5112
TRUNK-5112: Obs Group fix after Patient Merge.
Ivo Ulrich <teleivo@users.noreply.github.com> Ivo Ulrich <teleivo@users.noreply.github.com> f77eb09e9e49b86ae7b278d521ea5aadf6971253 Merge pull request #2076 from Nuwantha/TRUNK-5057
TRUNK-5057 :Extracted private methods in OrderServiceImpl.saveOrder
MD Dubey <mddubey409@gmail.com> MD Dubey <mddubey409@gmail.com> feeeaf23a5ebb94589147a6353feca79b5e88d79 TRUNK-5112: encounterSave, Removing all existing obs with obs-group in encouter recursively and adding new obs with obs-group recursively
Nuwantha <nuwanthadew@gmail.com> Nuwantha <nuwanthadew@gmail.com> 8639c210bed78049cf4c09b06af6800a8211ac5d TRUNK-5057 :Extracted private methods in OrderServiceImpl.saveOrder