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Type Key Summary Status Assignee Fix versions
Story OCLOMRS-799 As an organization admin, I want to list organizations so that I can create content under those organizations Closed Hadijah Kyampeire 1.0.0: MVP
Story OCLOMRS-809 As a user I want to see the details about my organization so that I get the basic details about it Closed Hadijah Kyampeire OCLOMRS v2
Bug OCLOMRS-855 Missing error message with wrong login credentials Closed Juliet Wamalwa 1.1.0: MVP+
Bug OCLOMRS-857 Back button and title hidden by expanded side nav Closed Naman Kumar OCLOMRS v1
Bug OCLOMRS-874 Concept selections in "Pick from existing" disappear if user extends list length Closed Juliet Wamalwa 1.1.0: MVP+
Bug OCLOMRS-875 Strange Concept Name formatting Closed Naman Kumar
Bug OCLOMRS-896 Owner field not mandatory for source Closed Juliet Wamalwa 1.1.0: MVP+
Task OCLOMRS-907 Sort Names Alphabetically by Language (so Long & Short names end up grouped together) Closed Juliet Wamalwa
Sub-task OCLOMRS-914 Organization Members UI Closed suruchi dhungana
Enhancement OCLOMRS-920 Should make sources and dictionaries with in an organisation links. Closed Hadijah Kyampeire
Task OCLOMRS-921 Switch the position of the Submit and Cancel button in the version creation form Closed Naman Kumar 1.1.0: MVP+
New Feature OCLOMRS-924 Add new member to an organisation Closed Hadijah Kyampeire OCLOMRS v1
New Feature OCLOMRS-925 Delete members in an organisation Closed suruchi dhungana
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