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Type Key Summary Status Assignee Fix versions
Task OCLOMRS-890 Need clear error message for "This release ID already exists" Closed Naman Kumar
Story OCLOMRS-898 As a user, I want to be able to go directly to the page I was trying to access after logging in. Closed Juliet Wamalwa
Task OCLOMRS-918 Add a Public Concept to my dictionary from the details view Closed Naman Kumar
Bug OCLOMRS-923 API2: Concept counts for dictionary not displayed Closed Ian Bacher
Bug OCLOMRS-926 Recursively loading concepts shouldn't try to reload the concept more than once Closed Juliet Wamalwa
Enhancement OCLOMRS-929 Obscure api token on user profile page Closed Burke Mamlin
Enhancement OCLOMRS-930 Create back arrow on the create pages(Dictionary, Source & Organistion), General details page and Progress notification page. Closed Irene Nyakate OCLOMRS v1
Bug OCLOMRS-931 API2: New location of user signup page with OCL v2 Closed Ian Bacher
Task OCLOMRS-934 Make the "NO" button functional on the warning modal that appears when a user clicks the delete Organisation button on the Edit Organisation Page.. Closed Irene Nyakate OCLOMRS v1
Bug OCLOMRS-941 Create Copy of an existing dictionary and paste to replicate the same dictionary Closed Hadijah Kyampeire OCLOMRS v2
Bug OCLOMRS-942 Wrong organisations returned for users Closed Ian Bacher
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