Data Entry Statistics
Data Entry Statitistics
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Duration: 1028 minutes
Changes: Who: Lubwama Samuel <>
Why: DATASTATS-5: Adding a rest end point to query for Data Entry Statistics

Who: Burke Mamlin <>
Why: ITSM-4320: upgrade sourceforce key to ED25519

Who: Brandon Istenes <>
Why: Allow setting the repository name, to support repos other than "openmrs/openmrs-module-XYZ"

Who: Brandon Istenes <>
Why: Pull unreviewed translations (#8)
* Pull unreviewed translations

Also automatically add translations for languages once they start being translated in Transifex. Also produce useful error messages when failing.

Who: Brandon Istenes <>
Why: Don"t automatically pull in new messages files
New languages also have to be added to /omod/src/main/resources/config.xml manually whenever they are added. Therefore automatically downloading the language file is just confusing.

Manual run from the stage: Release by Samuel Lubwama