HTML Form Entry 3.x (1.9 compatible)
HTML Form Entry
Tests: 612 passed
Duration: 163 minutes
Changes: No changes
HTML Form Entry 4.x
HTML Form Entry
Tests: 2928 passed
Duration: 39 minutes
Changes: Who: Darius Jazayeri
Why: Bamboo was unable to extract changes between revision 719430f5220138a87de3a551e33d2e81d95fb15b and b08d8c1b5f005e28f41c64c88b51fb1c34bd36d0.
Rebuilt by Ian Bacher
HTML Form Entry 5.x
HTML Form Entry
Tests: 12 of 1525 failed
Duration: 9 minutes
Changes: Who: OpenMRS Administrator
Why: committing translations from transifex
Html Form Flowsheet
HTML Form Entry
Tests: 2 passed
Duration: 3 minutes
Changes: Who: Michael Seaton <>
Why: Update scm in pom
Manual run from the stage: Release by Mike Seaton