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  • ThemboJonathan <>

    ThemboJonathan <> aac163c9b2800410c2aef83ae69ace03ee95c0d1

    RA-2020: Fix auto update of translations from transifex (#24)

    • .tx/config (version aac163c9b2800410c2aef83ae69ace03ee95c0d1)

Release scripts

  • Rafal Korytkowski

    Rafal Korytkowski ced9ff00825ca1cb8c744547be4ba8ff994bd71b

    Do not set permissions as it fails

    • (version ced9ff00825ca1cb8c744547be4ba8ff994bd71b)
  • Burke Mamlin <>

    Burke Mamlin <> 39269cb8f38c786e7c5c4df804871bc2073177ad

    ITSM-4320: upgrade sourceforce key to ED25519

    • (version 39269cb8f38c786e7c5c4df804871bc2073177ad)