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  • Darius Jazayeri <>

    Darius Jazayeri <> 616939b79920708109e8c95dacc17b4a19dee99a

    RA-462 - Fix tests by duplicating test dataset and config between api and omod (I don't see a way to have omod depend on api/tests, and I read a couple things that make me think maven doesn't allow this)

    • omod/pom.xml (version 616939b79920708109e8c95dacc17b4a19dee99a)
    • omod/src/test/resources/TestingApplicationContext.xml (version 616939b79920708109e8c95dacc17b4a19dee99a)
    • omod/src/test/resources/allergyTestDataset.xml (version 616939b79920708109e8c95dacc17b4a19dee99a)
    • omod/src/test/resources/test-hibernate.cfg.xml (version 616939b79920708109e8c95dacc17b4a19dee99a)