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a1dd1eb95b3cf2126219597d66d2d31920424aa0 a1dd1eb95b3cf2126219597d66d2d31920424aa0
Fixed in
#11 (Manual run by Cintia Del Rio)
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Sai Sandeep Mutyala <> Sai Sandeep Mutyala <> a1dd1eb95b3cf2126219597d66d2d31920424aa0 a1dd1eb95b3cf2126219597d66d2d31920424aa0 Added authentication check for post routes (#41)

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WARNING! Using --password via the CLI is insecure. Use --password-stdin.
WARNING! Your password will be stored unencrypted in /home/bamboo-agent/.docker/config.json.
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+ IMAGE=openmrs/atlas
+ TAG=staging
+ docker pull openmrs/atlas@sha256:f78d5f169d3c73712a47294b924835f672ab3e783ace46b8f85f297724034976
+ docker tag openmrs/atlas@sha256:f78d5f169d3c73712a47294b924835f672ab3e783ace46b8f85f297724034976 openmrs/atlas:staging
+ docker push openmrs/atlas:staging
ssh: Could not resolve hostname Name or service not known