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  • icrc-jfigueiredo <>

    icrc-jfigueiredo <> 3b040ceef3cef7d801d9e3bb0dadfd2179c4abc0

    ATT-48: Complex Obs Encounter Template to handle time zones conversions. (#52)
    * HTML-755 Receive date from server and convert to client time zone.

    Update the UiFramework version from 3.3.1 to 3.21.0-SNAPSHOT, to be able to use uiUtils functions.
    Update the UiCommons version from 1.4 to 2.16.0, to be able to import moment with locales from there.
    Using moment with locales instead of old moment version, because we need the months translations for other languages.

    * HTML-755 Change GP name

    * ATT-48 Improve the providermanagementVersion from 2.2 to 2.3 to be able to use UiFramework 3.21.0-snapshot

    • omod/src/main/webapp/fragments/complexObsEncounterTemplate.gsp (version 3b040ceef3cef7d801d9e3bb0dadfd2179c4abc0)
    • omod/src/main/webapp/fragments/dependenciesFileUpload.gsp (version 3b040ceef3cef7d801d9e3bb0dadfd2179c4abc0)
    • omod/src/main/webapp/fragments/dependenciesThumbnail.gsp (version 3b040ceef3cef7d801d9e3bb0dadfd2179c4abc0)
    • pom.xml (version 3b040ceef3cef7d801d9e3bb0dadfd2179c4abc0)