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7df5851a915df4b16fc5ef93154ce67589275a60 7df5851a915df4b16fc5ef93154ce67589275a60
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Admin UI
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Wyclif Luyima Wyclif Luyima 7df5851a915df4b16fc5ef93154ce67589275a60 7df5851a915df4b16fc5ef93154ce67589275a60 Renamed AccountDomainWrapper to Account and several other related classes - RA-833
Added message translations for manage encounter types - RA-833

Renamed a couple of poorly named classes - RA-751
Wyclif Luyima Wyclif Luyima e88ad656e9ffa8cf5111b5db38d2d8aea5363564 e88ad656e9ffa8cf5111b5db38d2d8aea5363564 Removed un used request params from add buttons - RA-61
Wyclif Luyima Wyclif Luyima 0211a9f046635b541decc92cc297a3319a733925 0211a9f046635b541decc92cc297a3319a733925 Removed un used services from controllers - RA-61

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