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Admin UI

  • Wyclif Luyima

    Wyclif Luyima e7f87a036780e7e21f57976144251c71b6cc9d73

    Fixed un translated label on location attribute type page

    • api/src/main/resources/ (version e7f87a036780e7e21f57976144251c71b6cc9d73)
    • omod/src/main/webapp/pages/metadata/locations/locationAttributeType.gsp (version e7f87a036780e7e21f57976144251c71b6cc9d73)

Release scripts

  • Wyclif Luyima

    Wyclif Luyima a9c6b4741f415820e397e9b150cf80baca7f9368

    Removed adminui and provider management

    • list-repos-using-refapp-import.txt (version a9c6b4741f415820e397e9b150cf80baca7f9368)