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  • druchniewicz <>

    druchniewicz <> 8e77fc057aac821efa05ce7ab5bfc5d8e72c4038

    RA-1744: Fixed Other radio button gets checked after clicking twice (#29)

    • omod/src/main/webapp/pages/allergy.gsp (version 8e77fc057aac821efa05ce7ab5bfc5d8e72c4038)
    • omod/src/main/webapp/resources/scripts/allergy.js (version 8e77fc057aac821efa05ce7ab5bfc5d8e72c4038)

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  • Burke Mamlin <>

    Burke Mamlin <> 681f3bff12454842e7e4fae01a15ce2827d75dc7

    Fix sourceforge rsync transfers
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    • (version 681f3bff12454842e7e4fae01a15ce2827d75dc7)