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Daniel Kayiwa Daniel Kayiwa c348fedcda1e08edaecaa7ad88dd08abd6e4f8cc c348fedcda1e08edaecaa7ad88dd08abd6e4f8cc Merge pull request #12 from bahmni-msf/BED-2
BED-2 : Ability to add tags to beds
Santhosh Bairam <> Santhosh Bairam <> d177b61999103fe3c0d45a98996fb2d76010dac0 d177b61999103fe3c0d45a98996fb2d76010dac0 Santhosh, Pramida | #275 | Authorizing the user for having the Get Tags privilege to get all bed tags
shireeshaBongarala <> shireeshaBongarala <> 67ee276138940601843c183a1235280fccf45224 67ee276138940601843c183a1235280fccf45224 BED-2 : Ability to add tags to beds (#1)
* Sourav, Santhosh, Chethan | #198 | Bed Tagging Functionality

* Sourav, Santhosh | Remove tags from a bed and restrict a bed from having same tag more than once

* Santhosh, Kaustav | Fixing depenedency issues with powermock and javassist

* Added propertyGetter for bedLayout to fetch patientInfo along with beds, if the bed is occupied

* Revert "Santhosh, Kaustav | Fixing depenedency issues with powermock and javassist"

This reverts commit 1ebae2807c09e112331ebc6b57a95834f5a2774c.

* Added BedTagResource and Fetching all the bedTags available

* Assigning tag to bed using save method

* Returning BedTagMaps instead of just tag names with the bed layout

* Santhosh, Maharjun | #373 | creating Get Tags and Edit Tags privileges

* removig repository dependencies on the on bahmni repo

* Shireesha, Pramida | #276 | Fixing tests after upgrading to openmrs 2.0
Release scripts
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Rafal Korytkowski Rafal Korytkowski 3b213fe8979ee0c47b7779f9db3410334c97dfd1 3b213fe8979ee0c47b7779f9db3410334c97dfd1 Disabled strict host key checking
Rafal Korytkowski Rafal Korytkowski a2ebe9128e62cb4f757b17e674df93a4fa46d648 a2ebe9128e62cb4f757b17e674df93a4fa46d648 Update

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