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  • Kumuditha Karunarathna <kumudithaudaya@gmail.com>

    Kumuditha Karunarathna <kumudithaudaya@gmail.com> 6f5e9ba0e3cbdd3a9198afec5266e12acf8b9c2c

    DCM-70: Replace Souts with logger in DhisConnectorService (#61)

    • api/src/main/java/org/openmrs/module/dhisconnector/api/impl/DHISConnectorServiceImpl.java (version 6f5e9ba0e3cbdd3a9198afec5266e12acf8b9c2c)

Release scripts

  • Brandon Istenes <bistenes@gmail.com>

    Brandon Istenes <bistenes@gmail.com> 89b69405d5d9f253afb0ac3eb31ac1cb74d95059

    Pull unreviewed translations (#8)
    * Pull unreviewed translations

    Also automatically add translations for languages once they start being translated in Transifex. Also produce useful error messages when failing.

    • update-and-commit-translations.sh (version 89b69405d5d9f253afb0ac3eb31ac1cb74d95059)