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Code commits


  • Ruhanga <>

    Ruhanga <> f4d71b5e8bca37afba960c538efa74a64d9c4afa

    FILTER-12: Setting "#####" placeholder for role names to avoid invalid SQL queries. (#19)
    * FILTER-12: Query placeholders to have default strings.

    * FILTER-12: Refactoring to cleaner logic when adding '#####' as placeholders

    * FILTER-12: Adding requested changes plus formatting changes

    * FILTER-12: Adding test coverage

    * FILTER-12: Adding context sensitive test

    * FILTER:12 Addressing requested changes.

    * FILTER-12: Addressing requested changes

    * FILTER-12: Addressing requested changes

    • api/src/main/java/org/openmrs/module/datafilter/impl/ (version f4d71b5e8bca37afba960c538efa74a64d9c4afa)
    • api/src/test/java/org/openmrs/module/datafilter/impl/ (version f4d71b5e8bca37afba960c538efa74a64d9c4afa)

Release scripts

  • Rafal Korytkowski

    Rafal Korytkowski ced9ff00825ca1cb8c744547be4ba8ff994bd71b

    Do not set permissions as it fails

    • (version ced9ff00825ca1cb8c744547be4ba8ff994bd71b)