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Alangi Derick <> Alangi Derick <> ea002743d0af253a1de8e197badde72b2b5c26a9 ea002743d0af253a1de8e197badde72b2b5c26a9 Multiple fixes to (#18)
* Multiple fixes to

Fixes to some sections and text issues including typos in the README.

* Update
Nyah Check <> Nyah Check <> 14291c06036fd2c89ea03d0700ebeee40fa8fb39 14291c06036fd2c89ea03d0700ebeee40fa8fb39 Merge pull request #16 from Breta01/master
Fixing bad button layout, using table
Breta01 <> Breta01 <> 336ec9ec76ee9e879f401198a517ef92a8faffc6 336ec9ec76ee9e879f401198a517ef92a8faffc6 Fixing bad button layout, using table
Nyah Check <> Nyah Check <> 006b1a82365dbb9ec5d6f55eb4e40eab3488d1d5 006b1a82365dbb9ec5d6f55eb4e40eab3488d1d5 Merge pull request #15 from Vincentes/gci-84
GCI-84: Use target _blank and added portuguese, spanish and italian translations. Fixed error messages.
Vincent Bermudez <> Vincent Bermudez <> e46d6d71fdddf018241422f186d27d7778f282bb e46d6d71fdddf018241422f186d27d7778f282bb Use target _blank and add pt, es, it translations with more details

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