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6c1180cbacaf042ad0409b0f14a07beec6aeb2e9 6c1180cbacaf042ad0409b0f14a07beec6aeb2e9
f1bccf2a4834094580e25dc26c8b8d4c5b97c870 f1bccf2a4834094580e25dc26c8b8d4c5b97c870
ebola-kerrytown distro
5ad7898c8bcdc2113f17c2c2475295f4c28487cd 5ad7898c8bcdc2113f17c2c2475295f4c28487cd
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Darius Jazayeri <> Darius Jazayeri <> 6c1180cbacaf042ad0409b0f14a07beec6aeb2e9 6c1180cbacaf042ad0409b0f14a07beec6aeb2e9 latest (security update)
Darius Jazayeri <> Darius Jazayeri <> 735b437700f51c551b9eb2969413d66292db7764 735b437700f51c551b9eb2969413d66292db7764 Let Ebola doctors and nurses use the Active Patients app (I assume there was some reason we didn't do this years ago, but for demo purposes it seems better to enable this now.)
Darius Jazayeri <> Darius Jazayeri <> 669b66c9cddc55365d1eaae01480ce66b9e9e73b 669b66c9cddc55365d1eaae01480ce66b9e9e73b Trying to get the demo running again updated to openmrs-core 1.10.6 (from .3), and fixed a test included ebola-example module in the distro
Darius Jazayeri <> Darius Jazayeri <> a75b545e210ec34a22cf31bb94039a1c7fccdb0f a75b545e210ec34a22cf31bb94039a1c7fccdb0f Update code to run against a newer version of CIEL dictionary (since the UUID of the CIEL concept source has changed, and also our old "missing" concept has now been in CIEL for years.
Author Commit Message Commit date
mks-d <> mks-d <> f1bccf2a4834094580e25dc26c8b8d4c5b97c870 f1bccf2a4834094580e25dc26c8b8d4c5b97c870 Increasing Registration App version to 1.14.0-SNAPSHOT.

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