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    Merge branch 'master' of

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    k-joseph <> 184caaac1f3f30a96e6c0b7b4751c55ddd82923e m

    upgrading to 2.10.0-SNAPSHOT

    • api/pom.xml (version 184caaac1f3f30a96e6c0b7b4751c55ddd82923e)
    • omod/pom.xml (version 184caaac1f3f30a96e6c0b7b4751c55ddd82923e)
    • pom.xml (version 184caaac1f3f30a96e6c0b7b4751c55ddd82923e)
  • k-joseph <>

    k-joseph <> 525053772704668ce424ad5e87152faa15c431e0 m

    EVNT-44: Adds a way to auto disable initialization through a file in the data folder

    • api/src/main/java/org/openmrs/event/ (version 525053772704668ce424ad5e87152faa15c431e0)