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e7fa0be3f6759de6eaf322a7f6851e02997c80a9 e7fa0be3f6759de6eaf322a7f6851e02997c80a9
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8ad880e0b0c21a2d094411a51f7951e0b9148c4a 8ad880e0b0c21a2d094411a51f7951e0b9148c4a
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#16 (Changes by Daniel Kayiwa)
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maimoonak <> maimoonak <> e7fa0be3f6759de6eaf322a7f6851e02997c80a9 e7fa0be3f6759de6eaf322a7f6851e02997c80a9 Merge pull request #25 from openmrs/omrs2msf
REST API Support, Bug fixes, Code improvement
Maimoona Kausar <> Maimoona Kausar <> 6af2db4ff5e5f05df0139172d248cff0979aa3de 6af2db4ff5e5f05df0139172d248cff0979aa3de MK: Fixing for openmrs 2.1.x
maimoonak <> maimoonak <> b98634c9dd5de5582e23be066f03f0a72003c8ae b98634c9dd5de5582e23be066f03f0a72003c8ae Merge branch 'master' into omrs2msf
Maimoona Kausar <> Maimoona Kausar <> 0f7a81c544c57386b61c9cc6f7e5959d04ba98e0 m 0f7a81c544c57386b61c9cc6f7e5959d04ba98e0 MK: Fixing documentation
Maimoona Kausar <> Maimoona Kausar <> 2b82d64d92d94b1c6bc05120edced4d461795f20 m 2b82d64d92d94b1c6bc05120edced4d461795f20 MK: Changes for REST, OpenMRS 2.1.x, and enhancements for module

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