Patient Flags module

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Code commits


  • dkayiwa <>

    dkayiwa <> 6bcb9264946fe4fe1260a276152cbceff298ee40

    Fixing NoSuchMethodError for setExtensionNames

    • api/src/main/java/org/openmrs/module/patientflags/ (version 6bcb9264946fe4fe1260a276152cbceff298ee40)
  • dkayiwa <>

    dkayiwa <> 0e4598f2df2ee7cb764efbd260b533634712e7b6

    Making the module run on platform 2.4

    • api/src/main/resources/moduleApplicationContext.xml (version 0e4598f2df2ee7cb764efbd260b533634712e7b6)
    • omod/src/main/resources/webModuleApplicationContext.xml (version 0e4598f2df2ee7cb764efbd260b533634712e7b6)

Release scripts

  • Ian Bacher

    Ian Bacher 1969d1c2650fc66ab14f5edb4052a329a196f370

    Hopefully fix the regex issue

    • (version 1969d1c2650fc66ab14f5edb4052a329a196f370)
  • Ian Bacher

    Ian Bacher ce18ee46b521ba3039496ba220aeddd4b313c5e5

    Update release script to support semvers (#7)
    * Uses a POSIX-compatible version of the regex for identifying semvers
    * Reserves the ending -SNAPSHOT for development versions so we don't break the logic that follows


    • (version ce18ee46b521ba3039496ba220aeddd4b313c5e5)