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  • Mark Goodrich <mgoodrich@pih.org>

    Mark Goodrich <mgoodrich@pih.org> 84244fdfab365a2a5cce408956ff2467a6ba5eb6

    Add some enroll in program unit tests

    • api-tests/src/test/java/org/openmrs/module/htmlformentry/EnrollInProgramTagTest.java (version 84244fdfab365a2a5cce408956ff2467a6ba5eb6)

Release scripts

  • Burke Mamlin <burke@openmrs.org>

    Burke Mamlin <burke@openmrs.org> 39269cb8f38c786e7c5c4df804871bc2073177ad

    ITSM-4320: upgrade sourceforce key to ED25519

    • scp-to-sourceforge.sh (version 39269cb8f38c786e7c5c4df804871bc2073177ad)