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Michael Seaton <> Michael Seaton <> a10d49333d89a1890eda1a636587e3af0a44ea93 a10d49333d89a1890eda1a636587e3af0a44ea93 HTML-751 - Increase minimum version to 2.1.0 and enable testing support of all 2.x versions (#203)
HTML-751 - Compatibility and test coverage for all 2.x lines of OpenMRS

* Create 4.x branch and update artifact version to 4.0.0-SNAPSHOT

* Remove support for Logic Expressions in htmlformentry.

* Remove support for the <standardRegimen> tag, due to removal of core support in 2.x

* Update minimum version of OpenMRS to 2.1.0, adjusting unit tests, compatibility classes that are no longer needed, and other API updates.  OpenMRS 2.1.0 chosen over 2.0.0 due to problems in 2.0.0 surrounding saving Obs Groups within encounters.  Testing profiles added that support testing against 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4.

* Adding in exit from care method based on what was in core 1.12 and removed in 2.x, in order to support existing exitFromCare tag compatibility.  Move transaction annotations from htmlformentryservice interface and onto implementation.

* Fix tests for new condition data in 2.3, accounting for 2.3 data model changes, by modifying the 2.1 dataset xml, and then adding only changes in a new xml file.

* Improve WorkflowStateTagTest to make the tests a little clearer to read and implement, re-add test case that had been removed in previous commit, make END STATE non-terminal in order to avoid conflicting logic in how core handles terminal states across releases.

* HTML-745: Allow condition tag to be preset with a concept.
Co-authored-by: Dimitri R <>

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