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33f09c22718fce5e27e2aa1bd1ef406726e94e8f 33f09c22718fce5e27e2aa1bd1ef406726e94e8f
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Darius Jazayeri <> Darius Jazayeri <> 33f09c22718fce5e27e2aa1bd1ef406726e94e8f 33f09c22718fce5e27e2aa1bd1ef406726e94e8f TRUNK-4906 - Fix to make isActive inclusive of CohortMembership.endDate
Darius Jazayeri <> Darius Jazayeri <> 60b20987eefeb7085ff21de1f2d62f4624b232b1 60b20987eefeb7085ff21de1f2d62f4624b232b1 TRUNK-4906 - Be inclusive of CohortMembership.endDate, and document this
Darius Jazayeri <> Darius Jazayeri <> 74b301dc570bcfdc8d5e11b03700b6eb317d579c 74b301dc570bcfdc8d5e11b03700b6eb317d579c TRUNK-4925 - Removing a misleading TODO in the code
Darius Jazayeri <> Darius Jazayeri <> ad6e3b8b88fdcb7668aecd8b5d5b301957f3f527 ad6e3b8b88fdcb7668aecd8b5d5b301957f3f527 Revert "Merge pull request #1908 from mjanuchowski/TRUNK-4925"
This reverts commit 189103f33259021e52f716c9d7c9be6ff90a3baa, reversing
changes made to 30758af9364612a71a81612f3ab77f902c54b355.
Darius Jazayeri <> Darius Jazayeri <> ba085f4ac8b2d60795b7c61f673a87bddcbac461 ba085f4ac8b2d60795b7c61f673a87bddcbac461 Revert "TRUNK-4925 - (Fix regression introduce in prior commit) Copy patient specific attributes on Patient() constructor"
This reverts commit c09d7dfe8b1c0dd0bc9f150f86ef6d90f12f6790.
(next I will revert the original commit for TRUNK-4925)

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Unknown Issue TypeTRUNK-4925Could not obtain issue details from Jira