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a06d73cab77b13ded2fd58c2e545ccbf22f4136c a06d73cab77b13ded2fd58c2e545ccbf22f4136c
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+ echo 'Running Pylint'
++ pwd
+ docker run -v /home/bamboo-agent/bamboo-agent/xml-data/build-dir/OCL-OCLAPI2-CF:/code:z --rm openconceptlab/oclapi2@sha256:90aa441dae931f28c9a32f44878791df7a7378b35d7440859591c8c6b5cfb631 pylint -j0 core
Unable to find image 'openconceptlab/oclapi2@sha256:90aa441dae931f28c9a32f44878791df7a7378b35d7440859591c8c6b5cfb631' locally
docker.io/openconceptlab/oclapi2@sha256:90aa441dae931f28c9a32f44878791df7a7378b35d7440859591c8c6b5cfb631: Pulling from openconceptlab/oclapi2
59bf1c3509f3: Already exists
07a400e93df3: Already exists
3f64f10bfe42: Already exists
591482cfca0c: Already exists
9d1c822b0771: Already exists
9c988d0102dc: Already exists
531325d6acda: Already exists
a836fe256b4b: Already exists
9eb1eeafc1fe: Already exists
315102eeafc8: Already exists
a8da1ac01b96: Already exists
e7b449d2369b: Already exists
263228db6773: Already exists
04073107d690: Already exists
284dbfa40ca7: Pulling fs layer
c68568198f92: Pulling fs layer
668e360a6064: Pulling fs layer
c68568198f92: Verifying Checksum
c68568198f92: Download complete
668e360a6064: Verifying Checksum
668e360a6064: Download complete
284dbfa40ca7: Download complete
284dbfa40ca7: Pull complete
c68568198f92: Pull complete
668e360a6064: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:90aa441dae931f28c9a32f44878791df7a7378b35d7440859591c8c6b5cfb631
Status: Downloaded newer image for openconceptlab/oclapi2@sha256:90aa441dae931f28c9a32f44878791df7a7378b35d7440859591c8c6b5cfb631