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74e23517fe4016b79948eba60ce47440f60786de 74e23517fe4016b79948eba60ce47440f60786de
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88c804f1da6143fe9bc0737eb8de78d56ac59c2b 88c804f1da6143fe9bc0737eb8de78d56ac59c2b
5b99613f0bffb1ab3ffd50123096c7aa265d6620 5b99613f0bffb1ab3ffd50123096c7aa265d6620
d8ff7e6cf816f36ae34019b90dcc6c4cfdc81102 d8ff7e6cf816f36ae34019b90dcc6c4cfdc81102
Fixed in
#345 (Changes by Samuel Male <>)
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Daniel Kayiwa Daniel Kayiwa 88c804f1da6143fe9bc0737eb8de78d56ac59c2b 88c804f1da6143fe9bc0737eb8de78d56ac59c2b Reverting my temporary change for -alpha
Daniel Kayiwa Daniel Kayiwa faf6c64e36e37ca6618ecfd243f36f1bb223a29d faf6c64e36e37ca6618ecfd243f36f1bb223a29d Changing not semver error message
Daniel Kayiwa Daniel Kayiwa 432dd0900d9417e1addfcfdc12c03319e0d5aaa3 432dd0900d9417e1addfcfdc12c03319e0d5aaa3 Testing if my alpha version change is allowed
Author Commit Message Commit date
Samuel Male <> Samuel Male <> d8ff7e6cf816f36ae34019b90dcc6c4cfdc81102 d8ff7e6cf816f36ae34019b90dcc6c4cfdc81102 Update openmrsVersion to 2.2.0-alpha (#365)

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