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1969d1c2650fc66ab14f5edb4052a329a196f370 1969d1c2650fc66ab14f5edb4052a329a196f370
bdcc3f899d886529ac05beaf68ccebfb360a65e1 bdcc3f899d886529ac05beaf68ccebfb360a65e1
7a1be48299698828bca6083a22ddc775a25afeed 7a1be48299698828bca6083a22ddc775a25afeed
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Darius Jazayeri Darius Jazayeri 1969d1c2650fc66ab14f5edb4052a329a196f370 1969d1c2650fc66ab14f5edb4052a329a196f370 Bamboo was unable to extract changes between revision 983d655c830eb8be79e7ff88b19f84b5b767e474 and 1969d1c2650fc66ab14f5edb4052a329a196f370.
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Ian Bacher Ian Bacher 7a1be48299698828bca6083a22ddc775a25afeed 7a1be48299698828bca6083a22ddc775a25afeed RESTWS-773: Fix how we're getting the MemoryAppender on 2.4
This one is much simpler!

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